United Kingdom-based burger chain Oowee Diner recently closed a location of its meat-centric diner to transform it into all-vegan eatery Oowee Vebab. The new eatery—which will open at the end of August—will be part of the Oowee Vegan brand which owners Verity Foss and Charlie Watson created after their limited vegan menu at Oowee Diner became wildly popular. The new eatery will offer “vebabs” (vegan kebabs) such as a Berlin-style Kebab with fresh Turkish pide (similar to pita) bread, homemade sweet pickled chilis, fresh salad, and homemade sauces. The menu will also feature some of Oowee Vegan’s classic burgers made with Beyond Meat patties, French fries, and vegan chicken nuggets. “We decided to make this decision due to the massive demand for vegan food far outweighing the demand for meat within our company,” Foss told VegNews. “When we opened our vegan store we had an overwhelming response and it was the best decision we have ever made.” While Foss and Watson currently do not have plans to close their last remaining meat-centric Oowee Diner location, Foss said that transforming this site into another all-vegan eatery is a big step for their business. “We love offering tasty vegan junk food and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Oowee Vegan. It’s been a massive step for us to convert a meat store into a vegan store but it just feels right and we feel very honored to have been accepted into the community.”