Today, crowds of customers waited for more than an hour at a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) location in Atlanta, GA to sample vegan Beyond Fried Chicken. KFC painted its Cobb Parkway location in Smyrna bright green and erected a Beyond Fried Chicken billboard to promote its vegan chicken options—which drew crowds that wrapped around two city blocks and bumper-to-bumper cars that looped twice around the drive-thru. The limited-time promotion featured vegan nuggets and wings made with specially formulated chicken by vegan brand Beyond Meat. KFC sold out of the vegan options in five hours with customers buying the equivalent of what KFC sells of its popcorn chicken in one week. “The lines are out the door, and the verdict is that the vegan fried chicken is worth the hype,” nonprofit The Humane League posted on Instagram. Observing the excitement, Instagrammer Trahvae Freraire said, “The people are here in droves. I said droves!” Those who made it inside the store posted glowing reviews of Beyond Fried Chicken, including nutritionist Whitney Miner who said, “These taste more like fried chicken than any of the other options that I’ve tried so I really hope that they make these available nationwide and very soon.” KFC will consider a national rollout of the vegan option based on the feedback it receives from customers today. 

Photo credit: KFC/AP