Musical artist and former American Idol contestant Catie Turner recently chatted about veganism and her love for vegan brand Gardein on live radio show Zach Sang Show. “I love a good Gardein,” Turner said. “Gardein meatballs—love. I love my good protein sources, my friends.” She also chatted with host Zach Sang, who is vegetarian, about macaroni and cheese. “But you can eat mac and cheese, and I hate you for that,” Tuner said to Sang, who then revealed that he eats vegan mac and cheese at the Vegan Street Fair in North Hollywood. “I’ll send you a photo of me eating it,” Sang told her. “I’m going to eat one thing at every booth and send you photos.” Turner then suggested that he fly her to Hollywood and eat it in front of her, just to drive the point home. On the show, Turner—who released her debut album The Sad Vegan earlier this year— also shared that she brought vegan cupcakes for Sang and co-host Dan Zolot, but she ended up eating most of them herself.