During this weekend’s Iowa State Fair—a traditionally meat- and cheese-heavy affair—New Jersey senator and Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker was spotted eating a very vegan snack. On Saturday, Booker headed straight for the Veggie-Table booth where he ordered one of its only vegan options: a deep-fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a stick. “It’s a little slice of heaven,” Booker told reporters after he immediately ordered a second sandwich. “I would love to have a PB&J on a stick eating contest,” Booker joked. “I feel like I can take the field, actually. [Fellow presidential candidate Kirsten] Gillibrand might give me a run for my money.” Booker has used his political platform to champion issues related to animal- and human-rights alike, and last year, released a video in support of Encompass—an organization working to bring diversity to veganism through initiatives such engaging communities of color with the vegan movement, advocating for inclusion principles within existing animal-rights groups, and supporting people of color in leadership roles. “The great thing for me, that I’ve found, as a plant-based eater for over 20 years and a vegan for the last five, is that the food options are just getting better and better and better,” Booker told VegNews in an interview earlier this year.

Photo credit: AP

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