This week, Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker—who has been vegan for several years—released the Animal Welfare plan to outline policies he would enact to protect animals should he be elected as the President of the United States. Booker’s plan calls for a full ban on cosmetic animal-testing by 2025 through the development of scientifically reliable testing methods that do not involve the use of animals. Additionally, Booker aims to enact bans on the trade of shark fins, imports of the victims of trophy hunters (such as elephants, lions, and other threatened species), cruel steel traps and snares used in the fur industry, puppy mills, the use of poison for predator control, and the export of horses for human consumption. Earlier this month, another presidential candidate, Julián Castro, released The Protecting Animals and Wildlife (PAW) Plan, his multi-pronged plan that outlines measures he would take to protect animals that also included a nationwide ban on cosmetic animal-testing.

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