The Mastatal Villas permaculture farm and eco-retreat in Costa Rica will no longer slaughter animals after hearing a speech by James Aspey, an Australian animal activist. Aspey shared on Instagram that he gave a speech about veganism at the farm in Costa Rica, and that “the owners have subsequently decided to go vegan which means the animals on their farm will never again be slaughtered.” Aspey says that “the husband listened to my talk, which was translated for him into Spanish, and he shared everything he learned with his wife. She wrote a three-page letter to us saying how much her perspective had shifted and that she had always loved animals and hated the slaughter process ever since she was a child. She didn’t realize there was a way to live without killing. Now she does.” Several years ago, Aspey took a 365-day vow of silence to raise awareness about animal suffering and now tours the world speaking about veganism.

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