Award-winning director and vegan environmentalist James Cameron is teaming up with National Geographic and BBC to create a new ocean documentary series that aims to bring a strong message about ocean conservation. The six-episode series, called Mission OceanX, follow a handpicked team of scientists and explorers as they face the challenges of solving the ocean’s greatest challenges. It will be filmed on an innovative exploration vessel called Alucia2, a one-time oil survey ship that spans nearly 280 feet with room for submersibles, towed sonar arrays, an onboard helicopter, and a dedicated deployment bay that allows for independent launch and recovery of piloted and autonomous underwater drones. New discoveries will be made on board using state-of-the-art dry and wet marine laboratories, and the ship’s media studio will bring these discoveries to screens, potentially delivering groundbreaking scientific news in real time. “Not only is the ocean enormous and mysterious, it’s also finite and we’re having an increasingly damaging effect on it,” Cameron told media outlet Variety. “The way a show like this can work is it [will] make you love and respect the ocean that we have.” National Geographic recently launched a social media campaign to rename Alucia2, which is expected to head to the Indian Ocean to begin exploration with its new moniker in mid-2020.