Vegan actress and entrepreneur Daniella Monet—who is best known for portraying Trina Vega on Nickelodeon’s comedy series Victorious—recently shared her thoughts on the dairy industry. In an emotional video titled “The Hardest Part About My Pregnancy,” the actress, who is eight months pregnant with her first child, compared her pregnancy and experience as a new mother with that of dairy cows. “I don’t know how many people out there really understand what is going on, and how polarizing a mother cow’s experience through pregnancy is compared to a human being’s. When I think of a mother cow and her baby, I think of the relationship they don’t have,” Monet said with tears in her eyes. “And I think of the nine months that they spend trying to connect to this baby that they’re growing and nourishing, and to have it just taken away from them at one of the most vulnerable and scary times of their life. They don’t even have that time to bond … and for what?” During the video, Monet shares her thoughts as she watches videos for the first time of undercover investigations on dairy farms—including the recent exposé of Fair Oaks Farms that was documented by animal-rights group Animal Recovery Mission. “If there was no need to create dairy in this way for humans, they wouldn’t have a business,” Monet pleaded. “It could end if we all just decided that we didn’t need it anymore, and we never spend a dime on dairy ever again. This would end.”