Vegan Boots Drive Dr. Martens Profits to Increase by 70 Percent 

The shoe brand’s CEO Kenny Wilson says sales of its vegan line have increased by “several hundred percent.”


United Kingdom-based shoe brand Dr. Martens reported an increase in its profits by 70 percent during its first quarter in 2019. The increased revenues were in large part due to the success of the brand’s vegan line, which, according to CEO Kenny Wilson, has increased in sales by “several hundred percent” in recent years. The vegan line now represents four percent of Dr. Martens sales, which reported a 2019 first-quarter revenue of £85 million ($102.6 million). Dr. Martens currently offers several styles of vegan boots, sandals, shoes, wallets, and backpacks—made with synthetic polyurethane plastic instead of animal-based leather—including new pastel metallic Vegan 1460 Goldmix styles added in two colors (pink and blue) this summer. 

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