All-vegan food delivery app will launch in London in early 2020. Founders Craig de Gouveia and Alison Engel created after realizing how difficult it can be to find vegan food when visiting new cities. The app aims to cater specifically to the vegan community by making finding and ordering vegan food easy. “The existing food delivery apps generally offer a vegan category, but these are sometimes mislabeled and often lead us to restaurants with no clear vegan options,” de Gouveia told VegNews. “This can be very time-consuming when we are tired and hungry, and we just want to eat. So we created to make it easy to find vegan restaurants and order food without having to scroll through loads of non-vegan options.” Packaged within a fun, bold design, the app will offer restaurant reviews, recommended restaurants, an option to bookmark favorite restaurants, as well as order tracking and a way to reach the delivery person. The duo is currently hosting a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the app’s development, marketing, and launch. The app will first launch in London, which de Gouveia describes as “the vegan capital of the world at the moment,” with plans to expand to other vegan-friendly cities such as Berlin, Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, and Lisbon.