Travel company Vegan Culinary Cruises will set sail along the Mekong river in Southeast Asia from July 4 until July 11, 2020 as the world’s first LGBTQ-focused cruise, according to founder Sean O’Callaghan—the blogger behind Fat Gay Vegan. The cruise will make stops in Cambodia and Vietnam to explore destinations such as the ancient walled city of Angkor Thom, the slow-paced border town of Tan Chau, and the lush and green canal network of Cai Be. On board, guests will be treated to high-end vegan dishes, toiletries and amenities free of animal products, and excursions focused on plant-based living. “As a gay person, I have often longed for an LGBT-friendly vegan vacation opportunity. I know what it is like to put a lot of effort into planning and paying for a holiday and I want to know that every part of my trip celebrates who I am,” O’Callaghan said. “My partner and I want to feel safe and relaxed whether we are in our cabin, sharing cocktails in the bar, or dining together at night. Vegan Culinary Cruises helped me turn this dream into a reality for me and my LGBT community.” While the cruise is created with the LGBTQ community in mind, O’Callaghan welcomes all passengers, vegan or not. Tickets for the all-inclusive experience—which includes a luxurious cabin, quality vegan bathroom products, gourmet vegan cuisine, open bar, airport transfers, and all excursions—start at $5790 per person and a pre-cruise tour of Siem Reap is available at an extra charge.