This week, review platform Yelp launched a new version of its iOS app in celebration of its 15th birthday. The app update features new lifestyle filters that allow users to personalize their experiences on Yelp, including a “vegan” function that generates suggestions sans animal products. “For the first time, when two users with different lifestyles open up the Yelp app from the same location, they’ll see a completely different home screen and search results based on their personal preferences. Yelp users will now find it easier to discover their favorite types of businesses, faster,” Yelp said in a statement. Users are able to choose a variety of preferences—including types of cuisines and activities—as well as find suggestions to businesses that are dog-friendly, feature accessibility for differently abled users, and have gender neutral bathrooms. Yelp is still working to expand these features to other platforms, including its website, by the end of the year.