Australia’s biggest vegan food chain Lord of the Fries (LOTF) is popping up at Toronto’s Veg Food Fest from September 6 to 8. LOTF will offer a selection of favorites from its current Australian menu, such as their award-winning Original and Spicy burgers made with Beyond Meat patties and topped with cheese, lettuce, sliced onion, pickles, Belgian mayo, mustard, and ketchup; Phish and Chips with tartar sauce; Aussie Snack Packs with French fries, vegan beef strips, and sauces such as cheese, BBQ, Sriracha, and hummus; and Mac n’ Cheese Balls. The fast-food chain—which currently operates 26 locations across Australia and New Zealand—was first started as a single food van in 2004 by Canadian Amanda Walker with her Australian husband, Mark, and brother-in-law, Sam. “We toured the country for a year and after being asked a thousand times when we are going to open a store, we decided to open our shop in Melbourne,” Walker told VegNews. Their goal to serve the perfect French fries from fresh potatoes (thick but not too thick, and crispy but not too crunchy) has since expanded to also include the best all-vegan burgers, onion rings, hot dogs, and chicken nuggets. 

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