This week, beauty brand Avon released its new Distillery line, a vegan collection that is currently available in the United Kingdom but will expand globally in the coming year. The line currently features skincare products such as a night cream, cleansing balm, SPF 25 day cream, vitamin C powder, and purifying oil, with a makeup line scheduled to launch in the near future. “There’s an increasing number of well-informed and socially conscious customers who have a huge amount of choice. Distillery comes after years of scientific research so customers still get the performance they require knowing we’ve been respectful about ingredients,” Gina Ghura, director of Avon’s future innovation team, said. In addition to using only vegan formulations, the new line features eco-friendly packaging. “We’ve chosen recycled glass to avoid plastic and for the makeup collection, we are using paper compacts and no mirrors to assist with recyclability,” Ghura said. “To keep lip and mascara products safe and portable, we still use plastic componentry but our goal for Distillery is to be 100-percent recyclable by 2025.”    

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