This week, chain eatery Just Salad removed the Smokehouse Steak option at all 40 of its locations nationwide, replacing it with more sustainable vegan meatballs made with Beyond Meat’s Beyond Beef. The new option can be ordered as part of a prepared Keto Zoodle Bowl (which comes topped with dairy cheese) or as a protein add-on to any dish at the customizable chain. Just Salad’s grilled steak option accounted for 20 percent of all protein add-ons ordered by customers. Janani Lee, Just Salad Chief Sustainability Officer, explained to Forbes that the move is a net positive for the company, which is considering making its entire menu meatless within five years. “This move isn’t about winning guests, it’s about doing what we think is right as a company,” Lee said. “We know that some of our steak-loving guests might be disappointed, but we hope they can appreciate our concerns around beef’s environmental impact and are willing to explore our alternative protein options.” In addition to Beyond Beef meatballs (priced at $4.99, compared to $4.29 for the previously available steak option), customers can order vegan proteins such as Organic Sesame Tofu along with a variety of vegetable options. “We also believe this (offering plant-based meat options) is part of a new movement in environmental responsibility,” Lee said. “We serve over 30,000 people a day, so we have the potential to make a real difference in people’s lives and their overall carbon footprint.” This month, Subway—the world’s largest fast-food chain—is also testing Beyond Meatball sandwiches at 685 select locations in the United States and Canada.

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