Roy Bolscher, owner of Netherlands-based meat processing company Bolscher, recently admitted that a company that only sells animal meat is no longer sustainable in the long term. “I would prefer to continue for 10 years with only traditional meat,” Bolscher told media outlet NOS. “But I don’t see a future in meat alone.” The growing demand for plant-based meat alternatives prompted the company to create its own line of meat-free products in partnership with food start-up Meet Jack, which includes jackfruit-based burgers, gyros, croquettes, and bitterballen, a Dutch snack consisting of breaded and fried meatballs. Bolscher is also developing concepts such as Meat Your Veggies which includes burgers that contain half meat and half vegetables. The company expects that its meat-free range will make up one-quarter of its profits by 2029. “Continuing on the same footing is no longer an option,” Bolscher said. “Food does not always have to be [from] animals, we now know.”

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