Minnesota-based vegan rapper Terrell Woods (known professionally as “Carnage the Executioner”) recently released the single “Eat to Live.” The song is an ode to the plant-based lifestyle, which helped the rapper lose 75 pounds and regain his energy. The accompanying music video shows Woods rapping about what meat and dairy do to one’s health, while butchers are shown cutting up a human body and eating it. “I said, sure I can eat that, doesn’t mean I need it. I’ve just extended my life, brah, magically, I’m down 75 pounds, congrats to me” Woods raps while pointing to his baseball hat with the motto “meat-free”—which is made by Minneapolis-based vegan shop The Herbivorous Butcher. “I’m a tough egg to crack and they notice,” Woods raps. “You think they got beef with a plant-based poet.” Earlier this year, Woods embarked on a multi-city Eat to Live tour to promote his new album, Ravenous.

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