This week, Target stores added vegan deodorant brand Myro—which uses 50 percent less plastic than traditional brands due to its refillable containers—to its shelves nationwide. The brand was launched last year as a subscription service but will now be widely available to Target shoppers. “Target gives us the ability to scale Myro’s mission and do positive things for people and the planet, in a way that can have a real impact,” Myro founder and CEO Greg Laptevsky said. The deodorant is available in both men’s and women’s aisles in colorful packaging in five colored container and scent combinations: Moss + Chill Wave, Blush + Pillow Talk, Flame + Solar Flare, Royal + Big Dipper, and Slate + Cabin No. 5. Free of aluminum, parabens, triclosan, steareths, phthalates and talc, Myro is formulated with bacteria-neutralizing citrus, probiotics and sage to fight odor, and cornstarch to absorb wetness. Scent-pod refills can be purchased separately and mixed-and-matched with the colored containers.

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