On October 1, chef-led restaurant chain Tender Greens will debut a plant-based chicken option at all 31 locations in California, Boston, MA, and Manhattan, NY. The plant-based chicken will be an option as part of the chain’s protein choices for customizable bowls and will also be featured in a new Mezze Plate for the month of October. The October special (which can be ordered vegan upon request) will be a blend of Mediterranean, North African, and Middle Eastern influences, comprised of harissa-marinated vegan chicken, fresh Tuscan kale salad, roasted tomato couscous, pickled pearl onions, grilled flatbread, housemade tzatziki, avocado hummus. The Tender Greens team searched for a plant-based business that could provide a vegan chicken product made with all-natural ingredients, and no fillers or additives. The team eventually found California-based vegan meat company Abbot’s Butcher which makes a soy- and nut-free plant-based chopped chicken. Tender Greens also offers one other vegan meal on its menu: the Happy Vegan salad which features farro with cranberries and nuts, quinoa with cucumber and beets, green hummus, tabbouleh, baby greens, and lemon vinaigrette.

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