SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment recently announced that it is adding the plant-based Impossible Burger to menus at all SeaWorld locations across the country, in addition to its other properties such as Busch Gardens and Sesame Place. With the addition of this new plant-based menu option, SeaWorld is specifically aiming to attract people who are looking to reduce their meat consumption or go vegan, all while the marine park continues to exploit marine animals for entertainment. A veterinary report released earlier this year shows that animals held captive at SeaWorld suffer severe stress, disease, and injuries which leads to early deaths. In recent years, many of the marine animals held captive at SeaWorld—including dolphin Dart and orcas Kayla, Kyara, and Tilikum—have died due to skin diseases and lung infections. After the release of 2013 documentary Blackfish, SeaWorld has received increased criticism over its confinement of marine life for entertainment purposes, which has caused sales and attendance at the park to plummet. The film also led to a recently settled securities fraud lawsuit that alleged SeaWorld executives underreported the effect of Blackfish on company financials.