Nutrition company Goli Nutrition recently launched Goli Gummies, the world’s first apple cider vinegar (ACV) gummies. In creating the vegan gummy supplement, Goli aimed to mask the taste of ACV while still retaining its many health benefits which include aiding in digestion, body detoxification, energy levels, and hearth health. Made with real apples and the pectin from orange peel (instead of animal-derived gelatin), Goli Gummies are 100-percent organic, gluten-free and contain no preservatives, chemicals or artificial ingredients. “For years, people have been unable to experience the health benefits of ACV because of its unpleasant taste. As a result, people either give up or reduce their intake,” Goli Nutrition Founder Michael Bitensky said. “At Goli, we are proud to have reached our goal in finding a delicious way to mask the flavor of ACV while retaining its core benefits, and currently have a patent pending on our proprietary ability to do so.” Goli Nutrition also partnered with Vitamin Angels which enables the company to provide a child in need with a six-month supply of vitamins and minerals with each purchase of Goli Gummies.