Today, Walmart launched new brand Glow Habit, a vegan gummy supplement line developed with the help of a registered dietician and nutritionist. The line features four types of gelatin-free gummies created to supplement specific wellness goals. Guava-flavored Good Skin Habit features hyaluronic acid, bamboo-derived silica, and vitamin C—which plays a role in the body’s synthesis of collagen. Strawberry-flavored Happy Hair Habit is made with Biotin, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and an ayurvedic health remedy known as Indian gooseberry. Blueberry-flavored Sleep Well Habit is infused with five milligrams of melatonin, along with silica and superfood sea buckthorn. Orange-flavored Probiotic Habit supports digestive health with probiotics and antioxidant Vitamin C. “We know that consumers are becoming increasingly focused on ingredient lists across the products that they use,” Eric Neher, Head of Brand Marketing for Glow Habit, told VegNews. “We designed our supplements to be a wellness-focused beauty solution for all people, so it was important that vegan consumers were included. We feel that we ended up with a vegan gummy that is totally irresistible and we are thrilled to see that our consumers agree.” All of the gummies (which cost $9 for a one-month supply) are made without artificial sweeteners or flavorings, are gluten free, and do not contain soy. The entire line is available through the Glow Habit and Walmart website, as well as at select Walmart stores.