Supermarket chain Whole Foods Market recently introduced new vegan holiday meals across its Canadian locations in time for the country’s Thanksgiving holiday on October 14. In Ontario, the holiday menu was developed by New York-based vegan chef and cookbook author Jenné Claiborne and will include Southern style dishes such as a mushroom étouffée, braised collard greens with tomatoes, spicy cornbread dressing, black eyed pea fritters, mashed potatoes, pumpkin curry soup, and pumpkin pie. The meal is offered as separate dishes or as a “Vegan Meal for 2” which includes two servings of each dish along with half of an apple pie. In British Columbia, Whole Foods offers a different “Vegan Meal for 4” which features a ready-to-eat vegan sausage and hazelnut roast wrapped in flaky puff pastry, green beans with shallots, wild rice stuffing with pearl onions and cranberries, baked winter squash, olive oil smashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, and classic cranberry sauce. A sampling of items is already in the chef cases and prepared foods department of some stores and the side dishes will be expanded to all stores beginning on October 9. The dishes and full meals can also be ordered online now through October 12.