Russian plant-based meat startup Greenwise plans to expand its product line this year with vegan cold cuts, ham, and meatballs. The company, founded by Arten Ponomarev, Julia Marsel, and George Zheleznyi, aims to reduce Russia’s meat consumption by offering people plant-based alternatives to their favorite meat products. Named one of five most promising startups by Forbes magazine, Greenwise creates its products using green technologies to produce plant-based meats that resemble the fibrous texture of animal-based meat using ingredients such as soy and wheat. “We derived a unique high-fiber product that mimics meat. We’re the only ones to produce that in Russia,” Zhelezny told Russian media outlet Meduza. Greenwise is currently in 2,000 retailers across the country, offering plant-based chicken and beef fillets, burger patties, and vegan jerky snacks. In the coming months, the company plans to create a full line of vegan meats and begin expansion into major German retailers, followed by outreach into Austria and Switzerland.