The former editor of United Kingdom-based food magazine Waitrose recently adopted a plant-based diet for a full week. William Sitwell made headlines over his hate for vegans last November when vegan journalist Selene Nelson leaked an email exchange she had with then-editor Sitwell in which he suggested vegans should be killed. Sitwell resigned from his position at Waitrose two days later. Recently, Nelson published Yes Ve-gan!—a book about vegan living—and challenged Sitwell to try veganism for a week, using her book as a guide. Sitwell agreed and wrote about the experience in UK magazine The Daily Telegraph, sharing that he felt the physical benefits of being plant-based after just seven days. “I was so pleased that William felt the benefits of vegan living—and even happier that he’s going to incorporate more plant-based food into his diet from now on,” Nelson told VegNews. “So many people still see veganism as a sacrifice, something that means you miss out on things you like. But the reality is that veganism is easy, accessible, and enjoyable; it’s genuinely fun, and that’s a message I really wanted to get across in Yes Ve-gan! There are very important issues behind why people go vegan, and though William and I may not agree on all of them, I’m thrilled he took something positive from my book and his vegan experience.”

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