On October 10, the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY will get a unique new addition: Broccoli Bar, a vegan takeout restaurant with a menu that revolves around its namesake vegetable. Vermont resident Trevor Sullivan—who operates vegan Pingala Café in Burlington, VT—is launching the concept, an offshoot of his food cart of the same name in Vermont, with his partner Lisa Bergstrom and Brooklyn resident Jeremiah Vogelman. 

“With Pingala, the concept of it being vegan is what’s driving the brand,” Sullivan told media outlet Seven Days Vermont. “With the Broccoli Bar, this one vegetable is what’s driving the brand. People are intrigued and pulled in by the fact that the whole menu is designed around this one vegetable.”

The menu will feature broccoli-centric main dishes (available in three sizes for $8, $10, and $12) such as tofu dumplings with a coconut curry broccoli sauce, broccoli tempura, and a veggie stir-fry with broccoli. Patrons can choose to add tempeh, tofu, or seitan to any meal for an additional $2. “My mission is to get more people than ever before turned on to vegan food,” Sullivan said. “To me, New York is one of the gateways to the world.”

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