This month, Brazil-based vegan startup Fazenda Futuro (which translates to “Future Farm” in English) launched its newest product: Future Chicken. Founded in 2019 by entrepreneur Marcos Leta, the food technology company uses artificial intelligence to help approximate the taste and texture of meat with plant-based ingredients. The new vegan chicken was developed to replicate animal meat in terms of taste, juiciness, and texture with the mission of displacing Brazil’s massive poultry industry—which produced 13 million metric tons of chicken meat in 2019. Future Chicken is made from a blend of non-GMO pea and soy protein and gets its fibrous texture from the company True Texture Technology, enabling the vegan chicken to be shredded in the same way as its animal counterpart. 

“Our goal is simple … to change the way the world consumes meat and continue to increase the technological level of our products, creating the plant-based category in the right way and with the right partners to make slaughterhouses, which no longer belong in this new world, increasingly obsolete, ” Fazenda Futuro Founder Marcos Leta said.

As an additional sustainability measure, Future Chicken is packed in plant-based packaging made from sugar cane and bears an “I’m green” label certifying that the materials are sustainable—packaging that Fazenda Futuro will eventually use for all of its products which includes vegan burgers, sausages, and meatballs

Future Chicken will first be available at retailers in Brazil with a plan to expand its distribution to Mexico, Holland, and the Arab Emirates in the coming months.

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