This week, vegan brand Califia Farms launched its new plant-based butter line at Target stores nationwide. The company’s new Plant Butter (which has a suggested retail price of $4.99) is available in Sea Salt with Avocado Oil and Sea Salt with Olive Oil flavors and is made from a base of cashews and tiger nuts, high-quality avocado and olive oils, along with plant-based cultures and nutritional yeast. Califia Farms launched its new vegan butter line this summer at Whole Foods and, along with Target, expanded its distribution this week to Kroger, Stop & Shop, and other retailers nationwide. 

“With people of all generations—especially Gen Z—eating more plant-based foods, now is the perfect time to introduce more delicious, plant-based options that fit seamlessly into their lifestyle. Our Plant Butters spread, melt, and bake just like dairy butter, but have a clean label and high-quality ingredients,” Suzanne Ginestro, Chief Marketing Officer at Califia Farms, said. “We will continue to innovate and introduce products that are better for people and the planet.”

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