Pre-teen vegan chef Omari McQueen recently landed his own show on CBBC—a BBC-operated channel for children. Aimed at children between the ages of seven and 16, What’s Cooking Omari? is a seven-minute weekly segment hosted by the 12-year-old United Kingdom-based chef who will prepare plant-based recipes to inspire children to ditch animal products. 

“He’s only 12 years old but has already won the hearts of hundreds and thousands online, cooking up a storm with his delicious vegan food,” BBC stated. “In his first-ever TV commission, Omari introduces us to his effervescent siblings, who join him in the kitchen to create a wonderful array of delicious healthy meals for all the family to enjoy.”

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McQueen went vegan when he was seven years old and created his own vegan brand Dipalicious at the age of eight after starting a YouTube channel where he filmed himself making a vegan pizza served with his own Caribbean Kick dip. Last year, McQueen hosted a Dipalicious pop-up restaurant in Croydon, United Kingdom, where he served a variety of vegan Caribbean-inspired fare. McQueen is also releasing his first cookbook, Omari McQueen’s Best Bites Cookbook, in January 2021. 

What’s Cooking Omari? will air on Sunday at 9:30am on CBBC.

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