Spanish-born singer, actress, and flamenco dancer Charo (born Maria Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza) is urging her fans to ditch turkey this Thanksgiving for a vegan spread of roasted vegetables. The iconic personality took to Instagram to share her tips this holiday season. “If you are like me, a vegan and vegetarian, now it’s coming Thanksgiving and what to do without the turkey?” Charo says in a video while sitting in front of an array of vegetables. “So, I went to the market and bought everything that we needed. Every single vegetable that is here is so rich in vitamins and fiber that … Who needs the turkey?” Charo then recounted her trip to the grocery store, stating, “When I went there, somebody said, ‘A Thanksgiving dinner without turkey is like eating a soup with a fork.’ I said, ‘if I would be the turkey, I would say, ‘fork you.’”

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In 2019, the 69-year-old celebrity told fans on Instagram that while she consumed as many fruits and vegetables as possible, she also ate chorizo and salmon. Within the last year, Charo has been exploring fully vegan recipes, including tomato tapas, her first vegan dessert (a roasted squash stuffed with berries), and vegan tacos topped with almond-based cheese.

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