Approximately 75 percent of American vegans are voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris during the election tomorrow according to a poll conducted by vegan dating app Veggly. The app polled 469 of its members to determine their voting behavior and found that only 6.5 percent of users are voting for Donald Trump, with the remaining 18.5 percent voting for a third party.

Since taking office, Trump has overturned several Obama-era environmental and animal protection laws, including implementing a new rule in July that allows trophy hunters to kill hibernating bear mothers and their cubs across 22 million acres of NPS National Preserves land in Alaska—a factor Veggly founder Alex Felipelli says might be driving some American vegans to vote against Trump. 

“Most vegans are pro-environment and want better protection for animals, so it’s no surprise the Trump administration has very little support from this community,” Felipelli said. “It’s also interesting to see how nearly a fifth would choose a third party; it just goes to show how many people aren’t impressed with either Biden or Trump at the moment.”

Last month, Veggly reported that it has surpassed 200,000 global members with 40,000 users residing in the United States.