Vegan dog food brand V-planet recently launched its kibble and snacks in Japan. The plant-based kibble is available in two sizes—mini bites for small dogs and larger bites for medium and large dogs. Both the kibble and snacks are sold through Japanese distributor WHOLEFOODS, Inc., created by Dr. Harue Suzuki, a vegan, plastic surgeon, and dog mom; and Akiko Fukuyama, a celebrated raw-food chef.

“With almost 9 million pet dogs in Japan, it’s clear Japanese pet parents are dedicated to their pups,” Lindsay Rubin, vice president of V-planet, said. “Currently, the plant-based pet food options in Japan are limited, so we are very excited to bring a completely balanced vegan and pet-approved alternative for pet parents who are increasingly concerned about animals and the planet.”

In addition to Japan, V-planet is available in Korea, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, New Zealand, Panama, Singapore, and Thailand. The brand’s parent company, v-dog, is a family-owned international business based in San Francisco that has been creating plant-based dog food for 15 years. V-planet products are made in Canada using vegan protein and nutritious non-GMO ingredients, without corn, soy or wheat.

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