United Kingdom-based candy brand Freedom Confectionery just launched its newest product: a chocolate-covered vegan gummy bar made in partnership with international cartoon star Pusheen The Cat. The Vegumi chocolate bars are filled with gelatin-free strawberry gummy candy and feature a wrapper with a Pusheen design. Pusheen was created in 2010 by Claire Belton and Andrew Duff for a comic strip on their website, Everyday Cute, and is now a popular sticker available on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. The Freedom Confectionary partnership is the first time that Pusheen has signed a confectionary licensing agreement since its inception. 

“After being in the business for five years, this is by far the most exciting launch Freedom Confectionery has been a part of,” Freedom Confectionery Sales Director Elvin Willgrass said. “To have a brand licensing partnership with Pusheen is an amazing opportunity, and I can’t wait to hear what our customers think of it. Not only does Vegumi taste amazing, but it’s also approved by The Vegan Society and is free from the top allergens. As a business, we believe in 100-percent allergy-free, no product leaves our factory without being thoroughly tested and packaged accordingly and we’re delighted that Pusheen wants to be part of our business journey.” 

Where to buy the bars
While the bars are currently only available through Freedom Confectionary’s website for £1.99 per bar, the brand plans to roll out the vegan treat to additional retailers through its national distribution partner Bravura Foods. “We are so excited about this, as nobody has ever done anything like it—the unique pairing of chocolate with a gummy texture works so well,” Bravura Foods Director Lisa Gawthorne said. “Pusheen is a massive global brand and this is an extremely strong brand partnership that will have a huge appeal and we look forward to building its presence in the marketplace.”

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