Singapore-based startup Float Foods will debut its flagship product, OnlyEg, commercially in 2022. Made from a combination of legumes, OnlyEg is a whole vegan egg that includes both a yolk and a white that can be used in place of chicken eggs in a variety of dishes. “Eggs play a major role in Asian cuisine,” Float Foods CEO Vinita Choolani said. “Some of our local favorite ways of enjoying them are on its own, as soft-boiled eggs with toasts for breakfast, or a sunny side-up served with rice dishes such as nasi lemak or fried rice.” 

Currently, 65 percent of the world’s chicken eggs are produced in Asia and Singaporeans consume approximately two billion eggs annually, 70 percent of which are imported. The country aims to produce 30 percent of its nutritional needs by 2030, a goal that has been accelerated by the global supply chain disruptions caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. “Ultimately our goal is to apply food science and innovation to build plant-based products such as OnlyEg that enable cultural relevance and contribute to a sustainable food ecosystem that can be a part of Singapore’s future food plans,” Choolani said. In addition to OnlyEg, Float Foods aims to develop vegan yogurt, cheese, milk, and other formats of OnlyEg such as patties and shreds.

Other food innovators in Singapore include Shiok Meats (which grows cell-based shrimp, another local staple) and Growthwell Foods (which is making seafood alternatives from chickpea protein).