Online vegan grocery store GTFO It’s Vegan recently partnered with Portland, OR-based vegan sandwich maker Snackrilege to launch a new line of deli meats. The GTFO x Snackrilege line includes products such as Barbecue Shaved Poork, Lord of the Wings Buffalo Chic’n, Original Chic’n Seitan Deli Slices, Original Chic’n Steak Pieces, Original Sausage, and Original Shaved Poork. Snackrilege co-founders Rosalind and Clayton McCallard began making their own deli meats for their own signature sandwiches in 2004, and earlier this year their sandwiches—such as the Break Fast Die Young Vegan Sandwich and the Pig Champion Vegan Sandwich—became available on the GTFO website. Now, the new GTFO x Snackrilege line of deli meats is available exclusively on the GTFO website for delivery nationwide. 

GTFO, It’s Vegan
In May, husband-and-wife team Marc and Tanya Pierce launched GTFO (the official company name of which is “GreaTFOods It’s Vegan”) with 400 products to support their mission of inspiring people to try vegan food. “We partnered with GTFO because we like their mission, their branding, and their dedication and commitment to their customers, vendors, and staff,” Rosalind McCallard told VegNews. “They are 100 percent devoted to making veganism easy, accessible, and delicious for everyone. Plus, Marc and Tanya are just incredibly lovely human beings. We’ve really enjoyed working with them and we’re looking forward to expanding our collaboration with them in the future.”

Snackrilege plans to partner with other local businesses to offer more vegan options as well as expand its own line of grab-and-go products to stores throughout the western United States by the end of 2021.

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