Canadian candy brand Squish recently launched a line of vegan baby elephant-shaped gummies in its candy shops and online. The pectin-based gummies—which are sweetened with fruit juices and colored with berries, black carrots, and turmeric—are available in six flavors: Passionfruit, Strawberry, Goji berries, Cherry, Lychee, and Kiwi. Online, the new line is available in a small 4.2-ounce bag ($6 CAD or $4.54) or an 8-ounce cube ($8 CAD or $6.06). “Elephants are among the largest plant-based animals in the world, so it just makes sense that our elephant gummies are vegan,” the company describes the new gummies. Founded in 2014, Squish aims to create a classic candy shop experience for children and adults alike and uses mostly beet sugar to sweeten its candies to guarantee that no bone char (an animal-derived ingredient used as a fining agent in many sugars) is present in its formulations. In addition to baby elephant gummies, Squish offers a variety of vegan gummies in-store and online, including sour baby dinosaurs and grapefruit slices, baby sharks, pineapples, alligators, flamingos, and rainbow bears. 

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