This summer, a new Pay-a-Vegan app will launch in China to encourage people to eat plant-based food. Created by Eiko Onishi, the app aims to give incentives to customers for ordering plant-based meals while also encouraging more restaurants in China to offer vegan options. Pay-a-Vegan will credit each app user with $1 for every receipt that is uploaded to the app showing a vegan meal was purchased. The credit can be redeemed in the app’s service partner restaurants. Onishi also plans to provide consumer analysis on what people are eating and where to subscribed food vendors. “Instead of convincing people to open a new, purely vegan restaurant, it’s easier to ask regular restaurants to perhaps increase their vegan options,” Onishi told media outlet Post Magazine. Onishi created the app while enrolled in a program hosted by United States start-up accelerator Founder Institute. She aims to launch it in June once she has financial backing from investors and government grants.