Veganism is the most popular topic of conversation among two billion social interactions, according to an artificial intelligence-driven report from food intelligence startup Tastewise. For the report—which aims to predict sustainability trends in the food and beverage industry—Tastewise analyzed more than two billion social interactions, more than three million online recipes, and a menu database of 247 restaurants. The report reveals that 23 percent more consumers are prioritizing sustainable food choices—with the plant-based diet being the most common diet for sustainable eating today—than one year ago, and Tastewise experts anticipate that trend will continue. Additionally, 39 percent of consumers’ sustainable conversations focus on health benefits more than environmental concerns. And though there is a rise in awareness of the broader impacts of a sustainability-focused lifestyle, consumers are not fully making the connection between climate change and the animal agriculture industry, which is a leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions, water contamination, deforestation, and a host of other environmental calamities. In conversations about both sustainability and veganism together, 50 percent are related to health concerns.