Today, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger shared a video on social media to send a message during the COVID-19 outbreak. The former California Governor is engaging in social distancing and spending time with his companions Whiskey (a pony) and Lulu (a donkey) at home. “I just had my little bit of vegan food,” Schwartzenegger says while feeding Whiskey and Lulu carrots. The 72-year-old urged viewers to avoid gatherings and restaurants and to enjoy time at home, ending the video by hugging his companion animals.

While Schwarzenegger has not confirmed that he is vegan, the actor has been vocal about removing animal products, particularly meat, from his diet in recent years. In 2016, Schwarzenegger appeared alongside vegan director James Cameron in a public service announcement produced by environmental organization WildAid addressing the effect of eating meat on the climate with the tagline “less meat, less heat, more life.” Vegan documentary The Game Changers counted Schwarzenegger (who appeared in the film) and Cameron as part of its extensive list of executive producers, which also included martial arts legend Jackie Chan, NBA player Chris Paul, tennis star Novak Djokovic, and world race car champion Lewis Hamilton.

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