This week, model Chrissy Teigan was in desperate need of fresh romaine lettuce while quarantined with her husband, singer John Legend. “I’ll make a banana bread for anyone that has romaine lettuce. The trade will be made six-feet apart and we will place the goods on the floor. No funny business,” Teigan tweeted at the beginning of her romaine lettuce search. Los Angeles, CA resident and comedian Chris Klemens responded to the model’s request with a three-pack of fresh romaine. Teigan asked Klemens to prove that the romaine was real and he did so with a video showing her the sought-after goods.

Teigan and Legend met with Klemens in an empty church parking lot to complete the deal, exchanging the goods at a safe distance with the help of a children’s red wagon.

Whether or not the banana bread or pie was vegan is unknown but Teigan quickly learned that her “lettuce dealer” is vegan and acted accordingly. “I ordered him vegan food because I just learned he is vegan,” Teigan tweeted. “Chris Klemens [is] making out like a bandit in this.”

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