On April 3, ice cream chain CREAM—which stands for “Cookies Rule Everything Around Me”—will add an innovative new vegan ice cream to its menu at all locations in California, Florida, Colorado, and Alaska. The new ice cream is made by San Francisco startup Eclipse Foods and will be available, in scoops and ice cream sandwiches, in two flavors: Spiced Cookie Crumble (vanilla base dotted with cinnamon-spiced cookies); and Double Chocolate Cookie (which is not vegan due to the presence of whey in the mixed-in cookies) The new flavors can be ordered in scoops and as part of an ice cream cookie sandwich made with CREAM’s three vegan cookie options: Chocolate Banana Bliss, Fudging Awesome, and Maple Oatmeal Spice.

Eclipse was founded in 2019 by two food-technology experts: Aylon Steinhart (who previously worked with nonprofit The Good Food Institute) and Thomas Bowman (an award-winning chef and the former Director of Product Development at San Francisco startup JUST). The company makes its ice cream indistinguishable from dairy with the help of whole food ingredients such as cassava and ancient corn that replicate cow-derived dairy on a molecular level without the use of soy, nuts, coconut, stabilizers, gums, or GMOs. “We’re thrilled to partner with Eclipse Foods to expand the CREAM menu to include two delectable plant-based options for all to enjoy,” CREAM President Gus Shamieh said. “It’s no secret that there is a growing movement away from dairy and meat products and towards more plant-based alternatives. With our 10th anniversary this year, we wanted to be sure we’re staying current with our menu and continue to appeal to a wide range of our customers.” In addition to the new Eclipse flavors, CREAM offers soy-based vegan ice cream options. Eclipse ice cream is also available at several artisan shops and restaurants, including Bay Area shop Humphry Slocombe and New York City chain OddFellows.

Editor’s note: This piece has been updated to remove a promotional giveaway of 100 free scoops that has been postponed until further notice. The date of the launch and vegan flavor information has also changed. 

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