A new Instagram show created by food technology startup JUST helps viewers create recipes using the company’s vegan JUST Egg.The show kicked off with two episodes last week featuring JUST chefs making simple recipes for a frittata and a teriyaki bowl, both featuring the mung bean-based egg replacer. “The idea was a simple one: many of us now find ourselves doing a lot more home cooking than we typically would, so we decided to invite our social media followers into our chefs’ own kitchens and have them prepare simple, delicious recipes that make the most of the pantry,” a JUST spokesperson told VegNews. “These videos are necessarily minimalistic since we’re all practicing social distancing and staying at home.” This week’s episodes will include recipes for mushroom carbonara, fried rice, chocolate chip and banana pancakes, sweet potato pecan pie, and a JUST Egg savory waffle sandwich. Earlier this month, JUST announced a 35-percent price drop on JUST Egg, which now has a suggested retail price of $4.99 per bottle.

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