New digital show The Plantbased Business Hour recently launched on the Jane UnChained News Network on social media platform Facebook. Plant-based journalist, radio host, and television chef and producer Elysabeth Alfano will interview plant-based venture capitalists, CEOs, innovators, analysts, entrepreneurs, and start-ups, including Before the Butcher founder Danny O’Malley, Beyond Investing CEO Claire Smith, and Miyoko’s Creamery founder Miyoko Schinner. The discussions will cover a myriad of topics from impact investing to the newest plant-based and cellular agriculture innovations. “During this time of incredible stress and worry, many people want news and insight as to how things will be different in the future so that we don’t find ourselves right back in this same position,” Alfano said. “Investors and consumers are interested in the plant-based arena as they search for healthier options and a safer food supply.” The Plantbased Business Hour will air weekdays at 1pm while viewers are at home during the COVID-19 outbreak, and will eventually move to a weekly schedule when normal life resumes.

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