This week, new global platform Plant Powered Women’s Network (PPWN) announced it is searching for founding female and female-identifying members to help create a global community of leaders. Founded by Australia-based journalist and author Katrina Fox, the new platform will initially offer live webinars featuring vegan women that can offer insight into a variety of industries, including business, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), politics, finance, and health, along with curated content and resources. The purpose of PPWN is to foster ethical leadership skills among vegan women on a global scale. “Like many people, I felt called to have a bigger impact in creating a kinder world for all in 2020,” Fox said. “None of us could have foreseen the impact the current coronavirus crisis is having on people, business owners, workers, and our economies. I know some people may think now is not the right time to launch something like this, especially with such uncertainty, but I feel it is the perfect time to do it, because now, more than ever, we need ethical leaders who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo and create an equitable world for all.” 

Fox anticipates that Plant Powered Women’s Network will officially launch digitally in June 2020, with additional features—such as live events, mentorship opportunities, and a leadership program—to come. “This project is much bigger than me and it will go ahead if enough women sign up as founding members before the end of April,” Fox said. “It’s a bold, hairy, audacious vision to create a posse of kick-ass female vegan superheroes that I hope inspires and excites others as much as it does me.”