Keegan Kuhn—co-director of vegan documentaries What the Health and Cowspiracy—is currently producing a new documentary about the spread of diseases from animals to humans. The film will be directed by Alex Lockwood—the award-winning British director behind 73 Cows and Test Subjects—and aims to expose the culpability of the animal agriculture in creating massive public health threats such as antibiotic resistance, swine and bird flu, food-borne illness, MRSA, and, our current pandemic COVID-19, which started at a wet animal market in Wuhan, China late last year. “Alex Lockwood and I started working on this film almost six months ago, long before COVID-19 began making headlines because the dangers of zoonotic diseases in its present form have been with us since humans started farming animals,” Kuhn said. While the film does not yet have an official title, Kuhn believes it will be the first feature-length documentary about COVID-19 and plans to release it sometime this year. “Whilst the public is becoming increasingly aware of the threat of zoonotic diseases, animal agriculture’s threat still isn’t being given the level of urgency it requires with regards to media attention,” Lockwood said. “With this film, we hope to lift the veil of misinformation and corruption which help to keep this scientific reality a muted rumor.”

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