London, United Kingdom-based brand Oliver Co. has launched the world’s first vegan leather accessories made from a combination of apple waste and wood. Created by 27-year-old Matt Oliver, Oliver Co. aims to become the most sustainable accessories brand on the planet without compromising on style or functionality. The company’s first collection of vegan wallets and cardholders are created using its innovative wood leather material (made from thin sheets of wood bonded to fabric using an environmentally friendly adhesive) and apple leather (created using 50-percent apple waste and 50-percent polyurethane). 

“Our journey of becoming a vegan brand started with our concern about the environmental and ethical impact of the leather industry,” Oliver told VegNews. “At the same time, there were a number of incredible innovations in vegan bio-based materials being developed all around the world. It became an easy choice for us and one that has become integral to the company.” Oliver Co. is already working on future collections, which include clutch bags, pouches, and laptop cases made with apple leather.