Vegan chef Chad Sarno—co-founder of the Wicked Healthy brand of vegan cookbooks, food products, and online community—recently launched a free online cooking series for kids. The Wicked Healthy Kids video series features instructional cooking videos for plant-based meals that are quick and easy for families, including grilled cheese sandwiches, mini pizzas, Shepherd’s pie, and ideas for packed lunches and snacks on the go. While Sarno intended to sell the series as an online course, he decided to make it available for free on YouTube given the challenging times we are in with homeschooling and caring for children as the focus for many families. 

“We developed this online cooking series for families and kids because I have seen first-hand how connecting kids to their food when they are young helps create healthy food habits for life,” Sarno told VegNews. “At home, getting my kids involved in everything, from the garden to daily meal prep, has just become the norm. Starting them young and making the connection of planting seeds and cooking a variety of foods keeps them curious and excited about our meals together. It takes a bit of patience and tends to be a bit of mess, but I can’t imagine my kitchen now without my kids right there beside me.” 

The Wicked Healthy YouTube channel also offers a variety of other free video cooking series, such as one focused on mushrooms and another on cooking with vegan Chao cheese.