Model and businesswoman Daisy Fuentes and her husband musician Richard Marx recently revealed why they don’t eat fish in the podcast and video series Awesome Vegans Influencer Series with Elysabeth Alfano. On the podcast, Fuentes explains how on a family fishing trip she watched her father try to catch a large Marlin that was fighting for his life. As the struggle continued, more and more fish were jumping with the Marlin. Fuentes said she could see this “giant, beautiful creature” wrestling for his life as he got close to the boat. Teary-eyed and voice shaking, she continued: “I am getting emotional just talking about it…I went downstairs (in the boat) and bawled my eyes out. And that’s when I realized, ‘oh my God, we’re doing it all wrong.’” 

During the podcast interview, Marx also explained that the animal-rights documentary Blackfish changed his perception of animals. During a scene that shows the grief and cries coming from a pod of whales when their baby is stolen, Marx said: “My heart broke … and that was the moment I said, ‘I’m done.’”

In the same interview, Fuentes and Marx discuss their personal discoveries on their journey toward veganism, tips for easing into veganism, and how to stay healthy.

Photo Credit: Daisy Fuentes/Facebook

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