Vegan coaching program Main Street Vegan Academy (MSVA) recently started offering free vegan lifestyle support for individuals interested in exploring veganism during the COVID-19 pandemic. MSVA partnered with civil-rights group League of United Latin American Citizens—which launched a boycott of the “corporate” meat industry as part of its Meatless May campaign—to specifically support workers in meat-processing plants who are at high risk for COVID-19. Many consumers are also interested in reducing meat consumption after experiencing shortages and learning about the rapid spread of COVID-19 in meat-processing plants. 

“Veganism is about reducing harm and living with a compassionate heart,” MSVA founder Victoria Moran said. “That compassion extends to both the animals and the humans trapped in a brutal, unsustainable system. Whether people are interested in cutting back on meat consumption, participating in a temporary boycott, or exploring the vegan lifestyle more permanently, our coaches are here to support their journey.” 

Approximately 50 vegan lifestyle coaches and educators, who are graduates of MSVA, are available to educate and support individuals who want to explore the vegan lifestyle. After completing an online form, individuals will receive a personal phone or email response in English or Spanish from a coach or educator. Other free services available include weekly online cooking classes from cookbook author and vegan lifestyle coach JL Fields, informational Zoom webinars with vegan educators Holly Skodis and Sha-Hanna Soaper, and similar webinars in Spanish from vegan educators Karima Vega and Enrique Velez. Free services are available through June.

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