This week, California-based food technology company JUST is hosting a vegan brunch giveaway in honor of Mother’s Day. The company announced the giveaway on its Instagram page, asking fans to nominate a special mother in their lives for a chance to win a free vegan brunch featuring JUST Egg from one of its restaurant partners in various cities. The giveaway, which is open to residents in the cities in which the restaurants reside, includes:

  • a selection of JUST Egg dishes (Citizen Scramble, Just Breakfast Sandwich, Chorizo Omelet, etc.) for curbside pick-up/delivery from Citizen Eatery in Austin, TX.
  • Buenos Dias Migas for curbside pick-up from Verdine in Houston, TX. 
  • folded JUST Egg box for the first 30 grocery delivery orders from Orchard Grocer in New York City.  
  • Five-course JUST Egg Sunday brunch box for curbside delivery—to say thank you to healthcare workers who do double duty as mothers—from Equinox Restaurant in Washington, DC.
  • a selection of JUST Egg dishes (Jamin’ Bennie, Harvest Omelet, Breakfast Burrito, Veggie Pesto Frittata) for curbside pick-up from Breakfast Republic, which has numerous locations in Southern California. 
  • DIY JUST Egg brunch baskets for curbside pick-up from Wildseed in San Francisco. 
  • JUST Egg breakfast sandwiches from Sam & Gertie’s in Chicago, IL.  
  • JUST Egg burritos for pick-up from Egg Tuck in Los Angeles.  

“This Mother’s Day is going to be a very different holiday than in years past and we wanted to find a way to delight some lucky moms out there,” JUST Head of Global Communications Andrew Noyes told VegNews, “while at the same time, show our appreciation for a handful of our favorite restaurants that are continuing to serve their communities by keeping their doors open for take-out and delivery.” Fans can enter the giveaway on each restaurant’s Instagram page before May 7.

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